I’m a wife to an amazing husband and mother to a fiery yet lovable little boy. We all live in sunny Tampa, Florida. I love God and His people and I’m a huge fan of His teachings through the Bible. It’s a good guide to life!

I am also a fellow creative mind as a singer/songwriter. Check me out here. Music gives me the opportunity to inspire all who experience it. I want to be able to create freely and not allow the need of finances to undermine creation in any way.  

The Builders’ Keep (TBK) enables me to do just that and so much more. For the entrepreneurial builder, I get the pleasure of helping you realize your dreams and desires in business. For my family, I’m able to supplement our income while being present in their lives. For our audience, many will be motivated to do some good in their own lives. For myself, I actually enjoy bookkeeping! It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together to form an awesome masterpiece! I’m doing what I love and getting paid for it! In a way, this is my empire! I’d be delighted to help you build yours!


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